Monday, December 12, 2011


The guys arrived just after lunch to start and complete the waterproofing.  The gravel should arrive early morning tomorrow (to cover the weeping tile) and then we'll just need a nod from the inspector before we begin backfilling on Wednesday.  I had an advisor come look at the walls today to get his opinion on whether the walls needed bracing or not, and we agreed that since the window areas on the south side were above grade (they are the weakest areas) and the walls are so thick and reinforced, that we should be good to proceed with backfilling without the bracing.

The sanitary upgrade was supposed to take place on Wednesday, but I've pushed it back to Monday so we would have the fill out of the way (they have to trench all the way to the road).  Hopefully my concrete guys will also show up to do the drain connection to the house, as well as begin forming/pouring the garage ceiling.

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