Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sanitary and water upgrade

Utility Force, the company assigned to this area to perform the City portion of the sanitary and water upgrade from the road, arrived as promised at 7:30am.  There was a little trepidation on my part on the depth of the drains.  Herbert and Cheryl's house is at the end point of one section of the sewer line, which means that it is the high point for this section.  I discovered this several months ago when I had a pre-construction meeting with Utility Force.  Subsequently, I went to the City and got the "plan in profile" for the house, and the architect had to calculate the height of the foundation of the house and adjust it up about a foot.

Still, when the foreman arrived and looked at the massive depth of the foundation walls, he said the drain would be too high.  I just had to think... "trust John (Culmone)".  Sure enough, after four hours of work, I got some great news that the drain was indeed perfectly matched with the new foundation depth (with barely a millimeter of extra space).  Phew!  What would have happened?  A "so-so" case scenario would be that the floor drains in the basement would come up a little higher than normal, and we would simply put more gravel in the basement and raise the floor a couple of inches.  The worst case scenario?  I don't want to think of that.... pumping sanitary waste?  ew.

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